Kai Johnson is an Illustrator and writer based in Kansas City, Missouri. They have a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration from Missouri State University. With 5 years of freelance experience, Kai has designed and illustrated many projects. This includes: a mental health journal for children, a mural for a behavioral health company, wrestling gear and uniforms, and book covers. Kai’s current artistic endeavors include building an art curriculum that aims to pair somatic experiences with art–a series of exercises to empower and transform emotions within the body. They’re also developing an adult children’s book about defining a self that is independent from restrictive beliefs and archaic concepts. In their spare time, Kai loves to indulge in early 2000s cartoons and roller skating.

Kai’s work is an active and boundless journey of self discovery, growth, and introspection. Kai is inspired by the flow and crudeness of nature, discovering this ignites their own rawness and desire to share their experiences in mental health, gender, and love.

They use mechanical pencils to draw wobbly, energetic lines paired with solid digital color. This combination creates a parody of reality; a bold and dirty picture to capture that natural rawness and illustrate the many rhythms of humanness.

Though there is text to communicate their stories, Kai also fills their illustrations with symbolism and fantastical characters as declarations to complete their statements. They invite questions, exploration, and chuckles.


Feel free to reach out if you think Kai would be a good fit for a project.

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